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Bitfenix Recon & Hydra Pro Review

September 10, 2012 | Gaming, Latest News, News, Reviews | 3 comments

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  1. Chris Stasek says: September 29, 2012

    Good review, I appreciate your honesty when doing them. Just some thoughts…

    I would like to point out that the Aquaero 5 is a product that has been around for a while that uses software to control fan speeds based on internal temperature readouts. If the Bitfenix Recon uses temperature probes it will not be as accurate.

    Unfortunately the Aquaero 5 lineup only supports a maximum of 20W per channel, and is unreasonably priced. And believe it or not the basic model has a problem with overheating (I love irony). I really think more manufacturers should try their hand at software-based fan controllers (maybe you guys can throw your weight around to that end). MoBo fan connections are somewhat of a legacy solution (hey let’s draw power from the system right when it’s ramping up) and manually controlled fans tend to induce my OCD.

  2. Jose Aquino says: September 11, 2012

    on my end anyways, I have the latest google chrome browser, everything else seems to be loading fine.

  3. Jose Aquino says: September 11, 2012

    embedded link is bad

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